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To The Mom That Has It All

What do you give to the mom that has it all? Her own blog post!

I first met Megan when she was pregnant with Olivia. She was literally emitting so much love and excitement that I just about needed an umbrella from all of her gushing. It was seriously the cutest thing though. She didn't care what we did, she just wanted to document this ridiculously amazing time in her life. So we did a gorgeous sunrise shoot, which was really just to get Mike ready for less sleep. (I kid - kind of.)

Before long, sweet little Olivia was here. I sat with Megan and she shared the story of Olivia's birth - and what a story it was! Once again, the love that was so palpable while she shared this story was raw and so real. Birthing plans out the window at the hospital, Megan was in full mom mode already and asked the medical team for just one thing - make sure her little girl would be safe. It didn't matter the cost to her, she needed that little girl safe. Safe she was and I was there to capture her first days.

Just recently, we celebrated Olivia with a 6-month photo shoot. Disappoint, she did not. (Nor did Mike with his hat.) When I arrived, she was fast asleep and too cute to wake. Then she became this little ball of energy and personality. What was supposed to be a gorgeous session outdoors brought us inside for snow - at the end of April (insert HUGE eye roll). And so, once again, we captured some beautiful memories despite the circumstances.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because what you don't know and what people don't see is how much Megan was meant to be a mom. We've grown close since last summer and chat almost daily. Yes, daily. So while we met by chance and I was the hired help, Megan is now a friend, Olivia my little squishy bunny, and Mike our entertainment.

What I hear from Megan is the raw and unfiltered life of being a mom. The loving Olivia so much that she cries. The putting Olivia's life and needs before her own. The constant research to be sure she's making the best decisions for Olivia. The worrying that things will be ok. Olivia making the cutest noises. Olivia loving her jumpy. Olivia rolling over. Olivia swimming. Olivia getting loved on by Petey. Olivia being so silly. Giving up her old identity to embrace her new one as mom. Adjusting to everything motherhood threw at her, including the front door.

At the end of the day, all anyone can ever do is try their best. Megan has an amazing husband to share the parenthood journey with and a perfectly beautiful little girl that will one day realize her mom was there for her all along and is in fact, her best friend.

Megan, you rock at this crazy motherhood journey and one day, Olivia will thank you for it.

Before I Became Your Mother by Linda de Los Reyes

Before I Became Your Mother

I never knew... how happy I would feel when you smile, I never knew... how sad I would feel when you cry, I never knew... how heartwarming it would be to watch you grow, I never knew... how much love my heart could hold, And now... I will always know.




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