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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a mini shoot and regular shoot?

The major difference between a mini and regular shoot is the amount of time set aside for each. A mini shoot is a maximum of 15 minutes while a regular shoot is a maximum of 60 minutes. Several factors can determine what's best for you. Littles that don't warm up to new faces quickly are likely to do better with a regular shoot to allow them time to get comfortable and share their personality. Adults and older kids that are good at taking instruction are perfect for a mini shoot.

What should I wear for my shoot?

Depends on the setting, but you always want to stand out from the background instead of blending in. Generally, you'll want to wear colors other than your surroundings and keep patterns to a minimum. 

Which is better, indoor or outdoor photography?

Indoor photography and outdoor photography produce two very different kinds of photos. Indoor photography uses artificial light to bring out the subjects while outdoor photography makes use of natural light - the sun. Both can produce amazing photos, it just depends on individual preference.

Do you retouch and edit the photos?

Photos are polished to make sure color, lighting and small details are flattering for everyone in the photo.

We have certain poses and ideas in mind - is that a problem?

Absolutely not! I always want your pictures to reflect your style and personality and no one knows that better than you. Let's be in touch before your shoot so we can make sure you get everything you're looking for.

Can we include our dog(s) in our photos since they're family too?

For many reasons, I have to unfortunately say no. As a human, it's hard enough for us to be in a new place and focus because there's so much to take in and see. The same holds true for our pets - new smells, sights, sounds, people, etc. Most of the shoot would be spent attempting to get a decent shot while trying to make your four-legged family member sit still. The other part is I'm terribly allergic. It's hard for me to direct and get everyone's attention when all your puppy wants to do is get to the know the new person with the large device in their face and I cannot pet them to let them get comfortable with me. As much as I wish I could say yes, unfortunately I cannot.

We're going to bring our in-laws tomorrow. That's ok, right?

Knowing the number of people involved ahead of time is important for me to know for planning purposes. It also impacts the amount of time necessary for scheduling purposes and does factor into the cost aspect. All sessions are for immediate family members only (up to 5 people) unless discussed ahead of time. 

I don't know, is that a pretty location?

Here's the real deal. No one is going to focus on the background of your photos. The focus is on you and that's what people will look at. If I'm getting a portrait of your children, chances are no one will know what the heck is behind them anyway. Don't stress about the location, the focus is on the subject anyway.

What do we do in the event of bad weather?

Especially when it comes to little ones, I take the weather very seriously. If it's safe, we're shooting. Sometimes we may shoot for 5 minutes and run to our cars to warm up and go back out. I use my professional experience to determine if the weather will have an impact on the photos (precipitation, extreme wind, etc.) and make a decision with my clients. 

Can I book a mini session?

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer one-off mini sessions. If you can get a group of people together to book that same date and location (clients signing a contract and paying invoice), I'm happy to discuss a shorter session!

I'd like to book an indoor session. What's the cost for that?

I'm so happy to do indoor sessions, especially when we're in the middle of the Chicago summers and winters. The cost for each studio varies depending on location and minimum requirements for rental. The cost of the studio will be added to the cost of the session. If you are able to get a group together to book that same day, the cost of the studio would be split between each booking.

I want to purchase prints, but I'm not sure what to purchase or where to put them. Help!

You are not alone! So many people get overwhelmed with "Ok, now what?" once they receive their gallery. I'm here to help! If you're looking for suggestions on what to print, in what format, and where it will go, just let me know and we can meet up to talk about it! Not enough people put family photos on their walls anymore with the social media era, and I'm a huge believer in going back to traditional with printing photos. Let's schedule a meeting!

What's with this cookie nonsense on your website?

Cookies - I wish we were talking about eating cookies! 

Websites often use cookies to remember what was in your shopping cart after you leave a website and come back, to remember your login information, etc. No worries, I don't have access to your personal information!

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