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About Me

Talking about myself is so awkward. In my best effort, here's some fun facts so you can get to know me!

1. I love The Little Mermaid and Dirty Dancing. Love may not be strong enough. My go-to blanket when I hang out on the couch is The Little Mermaid and I could watch Dirty Dancing over and over - and I do. 

2. Bacon. I want to be one of those people being interviewed at 100 telling the world that bacon is the secret to a long and active life. 

3. My middle name is Christine. No need to apologize if you call me Lauren or Christine because I answer to both. My dad has always used my middle name instead of my first name. It's when the two are put together, that as an adult, I still feel like I'm in trouble!

4. I always have my nails done. I may be a total mess, but at least my nails look good!

5. On June 15, 2015 I got to sit next to my dad in the United Center while watching the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup - something neither of us will ever forget. Sometimes it pays to be the baby of the family and have spent countless years watching your older brothers play hockey. 

6. Lucille Ball is my idol. Smart, wildly successful, hilarious, revolutionary, strong, I can keep going...

7. I’ve been in the legal field for nearly 20 years. It's my full time job. 

8. My favorite color is blue. 

9. If you see me running, the only possible reason for it is there’s a snake, and you should run too!

10. I love dipping my popcorn in nacho cheese. It’s delicious. You should try it!

Think we'd have fun together? Send me a message!


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