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Peace Out, 2018!

Look, if 2018 wanted to end right this second before I could even kiss it goodbye, I wouldn't even be mad. I am SO ready for 2019!

2018 was my MOST successful and rewarding year yet, and I have YOU to thank for that! Yes, YOU. I would not have been able to do what I did this year without your trust in me as a photographer so that I could capture your memories.

I'm closing out 2018 with approximately 120 shoots under my belt for the year, a number that includes portrait sessions, weddings, parties, engagements, seniors, babies and everything else! Don't forget, I'm also gainfully employed in the corporate world and have a full time job aside from this, so when I see this number, I'm stunned!

Do you know how many shoots I had in 2017? About 50. 50! My business more than doubled this year! It's all because I LOVE this business so much that I want to constantly keep improving and sharing that with all of you! Technology is CONSTANTLY changing, so I need to constantly be improving my skills to move with the times and get ahead when I can!

With all of this growth, comes many things. Growing pains, new policies, new systems, better planning and realizing the early bird DOES get that worm. Want to know what to expect for 2019? Here's a brief overview:

- A schedule out NOW to plan your fall and holiday photos. Yes, may sound crazy, but how many of you didn't get the ideal time, location or weather for your shoot. Planning early gives you options.

- Personalized styling experience for your photo session. You don't even have to leave home, and that's the best part!

- Streamlined online experience to provide me with as many details as I'll need to know all about your expectations for your shoot and the people that will be in it.

- Ease of ordering QUALITY pictures through my professional lab. No more sending to your local drugstore only to be disappointed.

- In-home meetings to discuss large prints for your home so you have a second set of eyes and another opinion.

- My complimentary design services to make cards, save the dates, calendars, gifts, etc. for your purchase.

- An all-around enhanced experience!

Is there anything that you would like to see for L Christine Photography in 2019? You are all SO important to me that I would love the feedback. Always looking for feedback on services and products you would like to see offered and how I can make the experience better for you and your family.

Well friends, this is where I bid adieu to 2018 and anxiously await for what 2019 brings! Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and safe new year!




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