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House Pernai, Est. 4.6.19

The most powerful of the noble houses...everyone survived the wedding...I think?

Every time I meet with a couple to go over wedding photography, I have an idea of what I'm getting myself into. It's when I see them with their friends and family that I realize I had no clue. Stephanie and Dominic were no exception, but in THE BEST possible way!

I think I had more fun than I'm supposed to for this to be considered "work" and I wasn't even drinking. The constant joking and energy of the bridal party made what I do a breeze! You don't like what I'm telling you to do? Tough - I've got your beer in my car! I laughed the entire time - and the wedding hadn't even begun yet!

The ceremony was short, sweet and personal - perfect, to be honest!

The cocktail hour was something to be jealous of - a live trio I found myself standing in front of in awe. They were nothing short of amazing playing the Game of Thrones theme song, Jurassic Park theme song, and other classics that got the party going with guests dancing and singing in their seats. Plus, the cotton candy on the tables, YES!

The reception was, well, I think these pictures speak for themselves. The cake cutting was just that, a literal 5 minute cutting of the cake and they walked away making everyone wonder if they planned on eating it. The speeches had a balance of heartfelt and hilarious. The first dances always give everyone the warm and fuzzies - or they've just had a good amount to drink by then. And everyone's got a crazy uncle that gets the party started and keeps it going. (I'm exhausted today, I can only imagine how exhausted Uncle Tom is today!)

My job was so easy because you are all such fun and amazing people. I don't say that to everyone, so thank you!

Stephanie and Dominic, you guys are amazing. I truly wish more couples would be like you. You put the emphasis in all the right elements and never lost sight of what yesterday was about. You've got a whole lotta support in all of the people that were there to celebrate with you last night.

All of the best to both of you and whatever journey life takes you on! Keep the murder face alive!




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