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I'm Forever Yours, Faithfully

I'm just going to start this off by saying I LOVE Shaina and David. Classic rock fans, these two know all about cheesy and yet, they are classically cool. If you don't stop believing', it's never too late for love.

Shaina and David came to their engagement shoot with a vision. Drama. Romance. Attitude. Fun. They nailed it!

Their chemistry is strong and it makes perfect sense knowing how quickly they clicked when they met. A conversation turns into a walk in the park, then a meal, and then many meals after that and before you know it, they're inseparable. Classic love story.

And gentlemen, you can learn a thing or two from David. Do you know what he asked her after hanging out for a week? Over extra cheesy pizza, he said "Shaina, I know this is cheesy, but will you be my girlfriend?" YES! That line is absolutely perfect and a story they can smile over and share for so many years to come.

You know what David said to Shaina when he proposed? That her ring finger looked bare. Finally, a man that understands! Obviously, Shaina said YES!

I cannot wait for these two to enter this next phase of their lives together. Keep it cheesy because it's you and it's fun. Life can be pretty serious business, but with each other, you'll get to forego conversations about how love bites.

All of the warmest loving wishes to both of you. Don't forget about the lovin', touchin', squeezin', because that's the secret to life. You deserve every happiness in the world and it's all coming your way. Stay cute!

Be good to yourself.



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