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Family is Everything

My goodness, would you look at this gorgeous family!?

We had the PERFECT morning to capture all of the love and sweet giggles of this family.

So many gorgeous fall colors. And mud. Boo. Thank goodness for baby wipes to make sure everyone's shoes are clean!

We're doing all of the traditional family photos, laughing, playing, hoping no one gets too close to the edge of the dock (there were many moments of panic) and then we decide to bring in the troops.

Holy moly, cars full of family on standby! Here they come parading through the park for their turn in the spotlight.

Sweet Laura, the planning she went through to coordinate all of this - matching colors, several families, and if you weren't on time, I think you'd probably be in BIG trouble. Dean - she didn't hurt you, did she?

While Gia prefers to be surrounded by her VIP's that know the secret of getting that pretty little smile out, I could tell Stavi to give me that McDonald's smile and he was golden, just like the golden arches he'd get to visit afterwards.

The blending of these two families is truly a beautiful thing. No exaggeration here, I found myself wanting to be adopted by this family. The love and laughter, as cliché as that may sound, was infectious.


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