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Women Supporting Women, Featuring Andrea Trench

"When women support each other, incredible things happen."


Sometimes life feels a little bit like Mean Girls. The competition. The deception. The tearing each other apart. The drama. I promise, I'm describing the 2004 blockbuster hit movie, not 2020.

I've never quite understood the need to compete with other girls, but in a world where we're conditioned to think the grass is greener on the other side, I guess it just happens. We're constantly pitted against each other, to one-up and do better than the women we should be supporting, lifting up and cheering on.

2020 is a crap year, am I right? I'm here to do my part to try to do better. To build people up. Cheer them on. Recognize them for the good they do. We've got plenty working against us. Let's work together, celebrate each other, have each other's back and show the world what a force we can be when we come together.

Each week I'm going to feature a woman that makes a difference in the lives around her and has tons to offer, just as she is.

My first feature is Andrea Trench. In 2017, after years of research, teaching and personal experience, she launched her early childhood dance education company, Discover Dance, LLC.

"I help dance teachers create and deliver content that is research-based and developmentally appropriate for children under the age of 6. My primary focus is classroom management, conceptual teaching, and foundational movement skill development in early childhood dance education. In addition, I use my 12 years of experience as a partner in a dance studio to inspire, equip, and empower educators.

I’m known for my energetic teaching approach, desire to ask and answer the tough questions, and passion to advocate the importance of dance in a child’s life. Through my tested structural classroom frameworks, creative teaching approach, and passion to improve the quality of early childhood dance programs, educators learn how to effectively teach inside the studio and how to share the 'why we do what we do' outside of the studio with clarity and confidence."

Since the company's start in 2017, it's already gone international. Yes, INTERNATIONAL! Dance studios across the globe are using the program she created to teach growing minds about movement and dance.

I had 2 questions for Andrea and this is what she had to say:

What impact do you want to leave on this world?

As a child’s dance teacher, many students are with me from preschool through high school, which is something no other profession experiences. I watch them grow as if they were my own children. I celebrate their achievements. I mourn their losses. I cheer for them when they get accepted into the college of their choice and I hug them when life is hard. I grow to love my students as I love my own children. 

I think about the impact I have made on the hundreds of dancers and families that I have taught over the past 20+ years a lot. Many are now adults with their own children. As I continue to watch them grow as parents and professionals, I am so proud of each and every one of them. To think I played a small role in their life is all I could ever ask for. 

Now, with my work, I educate and encourage other dance educators so they can make that same impact. I want children to feel loved, heard, and accepted. I do this through the art of dance. My students learn that dance is so much more than just dance steps. They are learning life skills and that is reflected in their success as adults.

The last time you were proud of yourself, what was it for?

Creating not one, but two successful businesses is something I am extremely proud of. My dad left a legacy of hard work and service to others. I strive every day to make him proud and in return, I become a better person at both life and business. I am proud of what I have built. I am proud of my accomplishments. And, I am nowhere near the finish line! 

Andrea, thank you for all of your work to bring safe and age-appropriate dance education to our future leaders. I've read the reviews and you've revolutionized dance for young children. Your dedication to dance and these kids is remarkable. Thank you for making a difference!

To learn more about Andrea and Discover Dance, head to her website:

Do you have a woman you'd like to nominate for a feature? Please email me at

Stay safe and healthy,



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