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Selfies Made Easy

Tips to take a good video or selfie!
Selfie Tips

Admit it, you do it too!

We all take selfies. It's 2018 and that's just the world we live in.

So, if you're taking selfie's or videos for personal or professional reasons, here's some tips to make sure you look good!

1. You always want your camera at eye height or above. Anything lower is unflattering. So if you're taking photos or video with a computer, go ahead and prop your monitor up on a stand or even some books. If you only take away one tip from this post, let this be it!

2. Position yourself or your camera at a slight angle. Just like take photos or video from a low angle in unflattering, so is looking dead on at the camera. A slight shift will be flattering for anyone.

3. Watch for any crazy or harsh lights. Indirect light is usually most flattering, like a lamp off to the side. Overhead lighting casts a funny shadow. Natural light from windows is always good, so long as it's not shining right in your eyes! If you can get the natural light behind you, you're all set!

4. Pay attention to what's behind you. You've all seen those pictures come across social media where people didn't pay attention to the other details in their photo and you get a good chuckle. If a laugh isn't your intention, I'd just make sure you don't have a lot of clutter or things you don't want the public looking at.

5. Use a stand or something nearby to prop up your camera. There's nothing worse than watching a video that's shaking and jumping all over.

6. SMILE! Have fun with it and share your creative side!

Have an awesome day and show me those selfies!




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