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Law & Photography: Lauren's Journey

Time to get personal! Just kidding, kind of.

You know how when you ask someone what they do and if that's what they always wanted to do? Yeah, never thought I'd be in the legal field or a photographer!

I spent my entire childhood wanting to be a teacher. I still find myself thinking about how awesome it would be to play a role in educating our nation's future. But yeah, that didn't happen.

So over 12 years ago I found myself at a law firm that handled family law - divorce, custody, child support - all the fun stuff. Did you catch my sarcasm there? Intentional or not, a lot of the clients would end up letting out their frustrations about their (former) spouse, the process, the court system, etc. on me as I was often a main point of contact. Eventually, I found myself needing an outlet. Something that could make me happy no matter how bad the day I just had. I had a camera that wasn't being used, so I figured I should start using it.

At the point I decided I needed that outlet, I was living downtown. After work I'd pick up my camera and head out. Never a destination in mind, just anywhere that caught my attention and I'd take pictures. This turned into taking pictures of people, being recommended to others to take their pictures, and eventually a business. Snowball effect at it's finest.

Here I am now, just 6 months out of the family law arena (probate and estate planning now) and I could not imagine my life without photography. Never part of the plan, but now a major part of my life. Photography is my future. One day, this will be my every day. I'm building a future based on my dreams and I couldn't be more excited! My picture in this post was taken at an exclusive photography conference in San Diego at the end of 2017.

I love hearing stories of people that were destined to do what they do, and those that had a unique path to get to where they are. How did you end up doing what you do?



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